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mayteckal  26/03/2012
This font can be used commercially?
bripali  28/02/2014
Can you please email me and let me know if it is okay to use this font in a comedic web comic I am making? I LOVE this font! Thank you,
R.Oertli  17/06/2015
I would love to use your font in a commercial logo for a child-hairdresser, is that possible? Thank you!

My email:
lvlupnrd  13/08/2015
Amazing font! Would love to use it in a commercial logo for an Etsy-based store. Please let me know if that's possible!
Floweryworld  08/09/2015
Hello. May this font be used commercially?
Flyingkiki  24/06/2016
Hi !

Would it be possible to use this font for webcomic ? It fits perfectly what I had i mind =)
Thanks in advance !
luca777  11/10/2016
Hi, this font is great, can i use it commercially for a comic?
GeoBlaze  01/06/2017
I wonder if I could use it for comics and fancomics translation work (No commercial, no professionnal). Even with autor's autorisation, I don't know if I could publish my work with it.

Thank you
Zephyrias  22/05/2018
Hello ! I wonder if I could use your font for a comics I draw with my classmates which can be sold on the " 23émes Rendez-vous de la Bande-Dessinée d'Amiens". It's a students project and the money we will receive serve to pay the impression.
WM0000  08/06/2018
Hello! I made some new letters to this font. I would like to know if you are interested.
reddlire  14/07/2018
Hi, this font is great, can i use it commercially for a comic?
francescomarchiano  11/10/2018
Hi! I would like to use this beautiful font for a graphic nover regularly on sale in Italian bookstores since November 2018 ... is it possible? how much would it cost?
thank you,
contact mail:
Labelette  15/11/2018
Isn't there a C with cedilla missing in the font ?
macbearded  05/01/2019
I wanted to ask if this could be used commercially for a Twitch stream? would love to know
un.ex.pec.ted  21/05/2019
We gonna use it in a video game, please if you need some info here is my email:
Chief-D-Lux  20/01/2020
Hi there!
Love the font, I would like to use it in a potential commercial comic book?
FillKeep  31/01/2020
Hi, I want to know if can I use this font in detailed content for a Netflix series!
Here's my mail:
Atto  25/03/2020
Hello, do you think its possible to use it for my comics book upcoming soon.
it match perfectly with the drawing so let me know if I can use it commercially
mail :
Nixkshl  02/04/2020
Hello! I'm wandering if it would be okay to use this font for my upcoming contest for a comic contest? It's fits perfectly. Thanks in advance if you'll reply!

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