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Oracle677i  18/03/2009
I LOVE Angryblue. This font has a lot of power and energy, while still feeling gross and splattered.
alex161192  22/06/2009
i love it, too
its just awesome. i want to get a tattoo, and this is my favorite font for it <3
tioem  04/11/2010
I got this font from your site years ago, and have used it for a lot of different things. One of my all-time favorites.

You being an artist who's work I love inspired me to make fonts too. So, thanks for that!
jasonwgcollins  03/03/2012
can we use this font for a band name logo? please get back to me.
COyZAn  04/03/2012
Bloody brilliant.
SnakeOilGhost  15/05/2012
Hey Jasonwgcollins, I suggest finding a different font for your logo unless you plan on doing a lot of customizing to this one. It's been used by MANY bands (Including my own back in '04). If you really want to, go for it, just letting you know.
Timeship  11/10/2012
BTW, is this font FREE or demo?
Draksad  20/12/2012
Thanks you so much, I love that !
taigatriballove  12/04/2015
I really love this font, I would like to use this for T-shirts with my tribal design.
May I?
joy.kisona  02/08/2016
I love this! Am I able to use this for my business??

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