Amsterdam Graffiti

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samantha_gave  16/07/2008
so god!!
thibo  20/07/2008
very expressive font !
canoekayak  23/09/2008
je tÚlÚcharge mais incapable d'ouvrir et de me servir de cette police??? que dois-je faire?
Sonia Coppi  27/02/2009
HELP - AMSTERDAM GRAFFITI FONT! Does anyone know the author of this font? need to get contact details for clearance on it asap! Tel 020 8222 4067
smileyfool241  08/04/2009
I love dafont! mii name looks mad smexy just type in alexis or sydney or both
smileyfool241  08/04/2009
the best place to find fonts one of the best and smexiest fonts of all
tosca4live  17/12/2009
leuk hoor.
com you from holland?
I come frome holland...!

I like it...
simpson7647  10/02/2011
Very impressive font.
Are we allowed to use this font on websites etc?

aamatson  24/02/2011
Can I use this for the text of a logo. It is for a non-profit company in League City, TX. I did not see any information about copyrights, or usage rights.
Thank you,
wokstar  autor de Amsterdam Graffiti   28/06/2011
Feel free to use this font in any non-commercial way,

Jesse Kuiper
Oltsu  03/07/2011
Hi! I'm making logo to band and your font looks awesome (i didn't find better). So can you give rights to use this font?


You can contact here or send e-mail to
wokstar  autor de Amsterdam Graffiti   04/07/2011
You're good to go, Oltsu. Thanks for the compliment.
mjc1472  13/07/2011
@wokstar: Sick font, the best i've seen. I was wondering if I could use it for the logo of my company. Please get in contact with me at
rainbowjeans416  18/08/2011
Hi Jesse. I would like to use this font for a poster for an in-store promotion. We are a mom-and-pop store and we started creating posters in house. Is this ok?
roschelleC  04/09/2011
Sick as.
Nemo1  30/09/2011
Hi, i just love your font.
I'm making a cool urban web design i'm planning to sell, and your font looks just like the one i need to make it great. Can i use it please?
jukebox89  28/10/2011
I love the font and I want to use it for a clothing logo I'm working on, but I want your permission before any further moves are made. Could we please discuss rights to it?
wokstar  autor de Amsterdam Graffiti   10/11/2011
Anyone with questions please send me a private message.
MagD  19/11/2012
Super !! Merci pour cette police !
meanstreetz  16/11/2014
Super Dope Letters!!!!!! best one on this site!!! thank you for sharing!!!
MrTheTronk  21/06/2015
Yo, this font is amazing, it fits very well in everything, can i use it for a logo of an organization?
Miitchi  12/02/2016
This is as sweet as a cherry!

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