Amerika Sans

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NinaB  13/06/2008
I really want to buy this font and some more of your fonts. What are your prices?
jcieslak  08/10/2009
I am interested in using this font in a logo for a non-profit organization I work with. How can I get permission?
changhoonbc  15/01/2010
I am interested in using this font in a logo for my business. How can I get permission?
katclarinet  26/11/2010
How do I know if I can use this for my business?
Faokryn  08/05/2011
For those who are wondering, according to Apostrophic Labs' website, this font is free for all uses as long as they are not racist, offensive, illegal, etc. Also, you can't sell the font as a font or claim it as yours, but that should go without saying.
edih aradea84  13/09/2020
hi this is a very good font, can i use it for commercial purposes please email me
JISUPARK  08/10/2020
I'll use it commercially. If you have a problem, please contact me. Ask Darfont for my email.
JISUPARK  08/10/2020
I also intend to buy if you sell.

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