Alte Haas Grotesk

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polenimschaufenster  31/07/2007
oohhyeah, thanks a lot, this is a really nice piece of foundfootage! more! please!
TTSSATTSR  17/09/2007
This is superb! One of my favourites!
The Mimi  19/11/2008
This is so clean and wonderful. Thanks!
hazy  23/05/2009
almost everything that comes from helvética is at least nice.
nice work.
stabsta  25/11/2009
Thats a real font, I love it!
burticlies  15/03/2010
Genius font. Possibly the most versatile I've seen in a long time.
roryjoe.m  21/06/2010
I love your font, and use it regularly. Thanks very much!
vividsystems  26/10/2011
Alte Haas Grotesk is a beautiful font, but the two download files render so roughly that they are unusable. It's very disappointing. The image above came from a different font file.
lakija  21/04/2012
I now know that it is possible to have a crush on a font. How gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
Sarracino  02/02/2013
Can I use this font for commercial purposes?
preston0518  20/02/2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: Thanks!
mpiontek  10/10/2013
I love this font! I'm wondering about permission for commercial use?
Clew  14/04/2014
Hi, any chance of permission to use this typeface commercially? Thanks!
mathanki  08/12/2014
Thank you, you are a very talented type designer. This font has managed to add some softness and character to the otherwise rigid Neue Haas Grotesk.
heyiamsteph  10/05/2015
Hi there! Would I be able to use this font for commercial purposes? Thank you
albascoco  08/04/2016
Hi! Can I use this for my little commercial T Shirt project? My email is Thanks!
Wender J  02/05/2016
Beautiful font! Can this be used for commercial use? Is there a fee? Please contact me at
liat  31/08/2016
I love it! i desing t-shirt for sell. can i use this Great font? Thank you very much
Lisa597  04/01/2017
Can I use this font for commercial use? Thank you for answering.
anera  06/06/2017
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me : Thanks very much!
YewonJoeng  22/11/2017
I'm wondering about permission for commercial use? email:
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
cannibalrojas  16/06/2018
Hi there, I'm wondering if I can use this font for commercial purposes. Any further details, please email me: Best regards!
s_maduranga  27/04/2020
This is "THE BEST" font for video subtitles.
Ernestita.Natalie  21/06/2020
Hi! Is it possible for me to use this font on my logo for a charity purpose? If it's possible please contact me at, Thanks!
mattcolewilson  08/11/2021
One of my absolute favorite fonts — I keep coming back to it. Thank you very much!

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