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yy54  27/05/2014
Awesome font ! Thank you !
kred  05/06/2014
Strange feeling - although it seems to be very simple, it's so elegant
Andrew2  autor de Alpaca   11/06/2014
Thanks Kred, I'm surprised at the positive feedback this font has gotten and I owe it's success to the band at "Scarlett Parade" for requesting a new version of Alpaca54 from me a couple months ago.
Kenlee20  14/06/2014
How much is the license? andhow restricted is it? can we use it on all mediums such as TV, Videogames, Print, Website, etc. Can you show us the license for both the free for personal use and the purchase ones?
Andrew2  autor de Alpaca   14/06/2014
All of that information is available in my shop at - You can also contact me at
zangari  20/06/2014
So beautiful! Loved.
veronicavrw  26/06/2015
Hi. I love this font and want to purchase the licensing to use if for commercial use. I want to pay with a credit card instead of paypal & I am unable to do this on your website. How can we take care of this?
spacenerdy  13/03/2018
Thank you so much for this awesome font!

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