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Gyom Sguin  22/01/2007
Really nice, man!!
SQUIRRELLY  03/02/2007
such an awesome simplistic font!
Cyanide  04/02/2007
good !
jozkosuska  09/02/2007
bonsailai  31/03/2007
i love it!!!
pinkpalm  26/04/2007
that was....actually a loooot neater than i was even expecting; great work, i love it
highcom  07/09/2007
WARNING this police is damaged and force is not compatible in printing works. Problems of recognition of the accents
kuristi  20/02/2008
this is one of my fav! nice...
atkati  24/09/2008
Pas d'apostrophe !!! Un comble !
peachey  06/03/2009
I love the lower case g. I am not too keen about the X x though. it tends to stand out for some reason and bother me. Maybe it's not unified with the other ones. Idk.
Other then that it's really nice. It looks great printed out. Needs a little refinement, but the concept works well, spacing is neat and clean.
Good work! kudos to you! I know it is hard to design a typeface!!
peachey  06/03/2009
oh. maybe the angled part on the A a e could be more uniformed on all the letters....

cheers and good luck!
unicorn7  03/07/2010
This is a brilliant font. hard to find a fault. I cannot wait for out weights. bring it on. happy to pay!
anmaevti  13/12/2010
I used it for Titles of an exhibition and people like it, found it very modern. But some times it is hard to see the difference between U and V. Could you fix that ?
crep  21/02/2015
Muy bueno gracias por estar!!!!!!!!
jdorito98  01/07/2015
Love this font!! Can i use this font in a small business logo?
Captain Clean  autor de Aldo   05/07/2015
Of course you can use Aldo semi-bold in a logo.
Aldo Pro is available since yesterday on, go check it out.
Tyason  02/11/2016
Hi! I'm seeking permission to use this in my website.
sfdesign  07/02/2017
Hi Sacha,

Such a creative font. Okay for use in a logo???

Many thanks!

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