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duarte  02/09/2006
very nice
AR studio time  25/08/2007
sshan215  05/10/2007
this is not right at all. It is not actuallly in Arabic, so this is haram basically. my name does not have "allah" in it, you are wrong. this font is wrong and haram too. you should take it off. its horrible. you should be ashamed
JSIT99  05/11/2007
It's really a sham This is not arabic but takes some arabic letters that can have a meaning. I'mnot arabic neuther muslim But if they make an alphabet with latin, everybody will insurge
leloup3167  25/05/2008
I did learn arabic a lot, there some fonts are placed in wrong keys, so there is not really arabic font, also I should aware you (webmaster) especially the "w" is wrong that key means "allah" in arabic, the "allah" take many keys to make, not "w" it is no good, the muslim people might insurge, so you should take it off, by the way I have another kind of font from arabic and is working so well but "Afarat Ibn Blady font" because is so confusing :(
mocuepamochi  28/05/2008
Err . . . (sshan215, JSIT99, leloup3167) I think this font was meant to have Roman letters that look like Arabic, not actually be an Arabic font. It's just supposed to look cool.

It's a great font, by the way :).
Aliyah  25/07/2008
I personally think that the 'W' and 'w' should be changed to something else. The letter 'W' and 'w' uses the actual arabic word and script for 'Allah', that is why there are negative comments here about it. And it is very confusing to those who can read arabic and english, not to mention disrespectful to Muslims and Islam.
SoFonty  03/09/2008
i like it even if its not correct
Area52  02/11/2008
Um, don't be idiots. Mocuepamochi is right. The fonts in the Chinese/Japanese section aren't actual Japanese language fonts, the fonts in the Mexican section aren't actual Spanish fonts. This is no exception. It's just supposed to /look/ like the language.
proudpalestina  04/12/2009
I agree with Aliyah. I am able to read arabic as well as english, and it is VERY confusing. And the W should be changed to something else because it would be haram (against the rules for Islam) for you to keep the W like that.
Kae  19/11/2010
Oh wow so many ignorant people here! Anyway, great font except that it's a bit hard to read.
Zeinouto  28/04/2011
Hmmm wtf with the W ?!! It's hard to read ... It's like always having "God" instead of "G" ... AND You could show a little of respect, I know it's very hard nowdays...But still!
Wow, so humble...
yostyle  29/04/2011
I like it:)
rickfriends69  26/07/2011
LOL It's so funny to read all comments. As many have said, don't take it wrong guys, this is just meant to make letters look like arabic, and i think it's a great job, looks very nice.
angel_05  08/10/2011
rosemwelch  03/04/2012
Okay, folks, here's the deal. The letter 'w', as a whole, is not really the problem. The problem is that the specific way that the author has drawn the w looks like the Arabic symbol for Allah, because it has the extra loop on the left side and the symbols above the middle line. I don't have a personal problem with it, and I understand that the font's designer probably was not aware that this would be an issue.

So, it would be awesome if the designed of this font uploaded a version of this font with a different w and if everyone who is upset got off of their high horse and were nice about it. The designer is not going to fix it if you're all jerks about it.

I came here to find a font to use for an international 'get to know one another' group on a college campus, so using this may have made our Muslim members feel unwelcome. I'm going to use it, but I'm going to replace the W with a w from a different font. In the meantime, I suggest that other folks use Arab Dances for an Arabic-style font without this issue.
doctore  07/08/2015
How can u use ALLAH as a w. you have to change it!!!
DeathToIslam  10/08/2015
^^ How typical. Whaa, this is "intolerable", "you have to change it". Shut the fuck up, Goatfucker Childraper --this is the civilized world. We don't have to listen to your barbaric ideology OR show one shred of respect to your pedophile prophet if we do not wish. Or are you gonna bomb up the internet? Hahaha.

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