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mgx918  24/11/2006
Puppydog062496  17/06/2007
love it
russellm  10/01/2011
bright lights,

"I always wanted to jingle with the right crowd
I always wanted to feel like I belong.
I wanna feel like all the big girls do;
All bright and fizzed and special too –
There’s nothing wrong with that –
There’s nothing wrong – there’s nothing wrong –
There’s nothing wrong with Poughkeepsie
That living in Manhattan couldn’t fix
I’m just a kid in Poughkeepsie
But here a kid can get her grown-up kicks
Gimme some more."

nauuu  20/03/2013
nouna  14/07/2013
basicphase  26/10/2013
Hey, thanks for the font. I used it for a bake sale poster I made for our recreation club at work and it was perfect!
Artgraphic  24/10/2015
Can I use these fonts for graphic design in my posters in my webshop? Or can I buy them? Great fonts! and
orionsruby  17/06/2016
Hi! Wondering if I may use this in my small business I am about to start, happy to make a donation or send you some money to be granted permission. Thank you.
laubere  14/11/2016
I would like to use this font for a design. What are the commercial usage rights and permissions/conditions for this font? Please contact me
Thank you!!!

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