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bacall  29/01/2012
Shows in my Fonts folder but doesn't work in Word. I will keep trying to see if I can find out why.
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   29/01/2012
are you using a windows machine or a mac, i have also tested it in pages and it works perfectly fine
bacall  29/01/2012
Hi I am using Windows. Downloaded the font and installed it on two different pcs. In the Font Folder, the font shows as it should, but when I type in a Word document or other applications such as Publisher, Gothique reverts to the default font. I installed 5 other fonts at the same time from this site and they all work.
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   29/01/2012
strange, i can't think of any reasons to why it shouldn't work the vast majority of fonts on here are truetype which works on all systems. i would of suggested restarting word but your other fonts work so i'll look into it, might be worth a quick look in the faq's just to see if theres anything there at may help
bacall  30/01/2012
Hi, I can see what is happening but don't know how to fix the problem. In the Font Folder, the font name A Gothique Time is showing as A Gothique Time A Gothique Time (the name is duplicated, not the font). There is no way of renaming a font inside the Font Folder that I can see. I have downloaded and tried to instal the font several times and the same thingt happens each time, on different computers. I am wondering if something is happening when I unzip the file with WinRar.
bacall  30/01/2012
I read on the Microsoft site Office 2007 does not recognize OpenType fonts, but Office 2010 does. I have found out that I can use your terrific font in Notepad but not Word 2007. Thanks for trying to help me.
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   30/01/2012
. . . My font is true type
bacall  31/01/2012
So it is ..... the font works in Notepad and Wordpad but not Word 2007 or Word 2003. It seems I am the only person out of 13,000 downloads who can't use it is Word :(
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   01/02/2012
A friend of mine said that sometimes with word, spesh on a pc you have to separately import the font to word so might be worth seeing if you can do that when word is open. He also said that word keeps its own library of fonts so might be worth digging into your hard drive and having a look through the office folders
bacall  01/02/2012
Hi, this is getting weirder and weirder. Just found out that your font works in Microsoft Works, which I can then Save As a Microsoft Word document and the font comes across in the saved document. Anyway, I am so happy that I can use it in Word, even though it is in a roundabout sort of way. Thanks again for trying to help me and good luck with your fonts.
kreativtheme  07/02/2012
thanks ... great font
Tommy Atkins  26/06/2012
hi there mate I'm in a small time metal band and we were wondering if you'd give us your permission to use your font as we think its amazing?
JMTEES  04/03/2013
I would also like to use this font in a professional fashion and am seeking permission
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   04/03/2013
JMTEES- I have replied to your message
alyreed12  13/03/2013
Is this font free to use for a non-profit organization?
BonezDesignz  autor de A Gothique Time   14/03/2013
you will still need to drop me an email as technically its commercial use so you will still need written consent and a license agreement
alyreed12  14/03/2013
ok thank you :) I didn't end up needing the font anyway, but I appreciate your quick response! You did a great job, this is an awesome font!
fieryfaeriefury  12/07/2013
I would like to use this font for the banner for a website I'm designing for my sister and am seeking permission.
José Ramos  04/08/2013
Muy útil,gracias por todo
Tanelval  06/08/2013
Hello, I have found out that this font does not work in GIMP, as I was trying it out to look if it fitted on a picture. But everytime I tried to apply it to the text, it took 3 seconds and GIMP stopped working completely. In Picasa, some letters does not even show up at all. I have absolutely no problem with any other fonts I have downloaded, but this one is just acting wierd. Any help?
steiconi  28/10/2014
I couldn't get it to work in Windows Word 2002, but found a work-around. (Oddly, it shows up right in the Word fonts menu.)

Select the text, then click on "Format" then "Font" In the dialog box that opens, change the font to anything else, and change back again to A Gothique. This only works for the text selected, and has to be repeated each time you want to use the font.
steiconi  28/10/2014
And it's a great font, thank you!
patt_desrosiers  08/03/2015
i had some questions similar to the one Tommy Atkins asked about your font
patt_desrosiers  27/03/2015
can my band use it even if i modify it?
Kiddisam  14/10/2015
Hello. I want to use the font for my band and was hoping for your approval.

All the best
ingridstefanie  03/02/2019
Hi, it's been a while and I think you are not using this website anymore. But I'd really like to use this font for the same purpose of some people here: commercial, for my band. Hope you can help me.
Larrahb  14/08/2020
Hello! I am interested in commercial use of your font! What email can I Use to contact you?

Thank you! -Larrah

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