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VIHR.  10/06/2007
This is one of the best fonts I have ever seen.
Very good art.
KELLY45823  21/06/2007
this is amzzzing=]
impossible---x  08/07/2007
Nicee =] Love it
brandi5  20/07/2007
cute :D
prettyinpunk_93_  21/07/2007
cute, is it free to use?
Rukia03  17/09/2007
Yes its indeed a cute font.. But i cant Use it.. T.T
papeje  31/01/2008
thanks ! :)
sorry rukia03 ,, i dont know why you cant use it .
tamy  11/11/2008
i cant use it! =[
tamy  11/11/2008
i'm spanish xD
doraemonchan  21/03/2011
SpaceOctopus  24/12/2012
I'm commenting to warn you, among all others who were also included in this huge license violation, that this person has been redistributing, removing all readme files and licenses, acting as if it was their font and telling others they are allowed to use your font commercially. Whether or not that is true for your font, it's not true for almost all the others included in this package. People like this piss me off, so I'm just trying to let you know about this.


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