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mayteckal  26/03/2012
This font can be used commercially?
scupbucket  autor de 5th Grade Cursive   27/03/2012
it may indeed!
lerguson  01/02/2013
The lower case "i" is hollow in the Mac download. :(
scupbucket  autor de 5th Grade Cursive   01/02/2013
Thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look at that.
scupbucket  autor de 5th Grade Cursive   01/02/2013
I think it should be fixed now once they approve my update.
Tralexander40  16/08/2014
Hello! I really appreciate the font you have created. I know MS doesn't approve custom fonts so I can't see it there but how can I use this font? I'm a mac user and need my software apps to "see" this font and then I need to be able to print out what I type using this font. Thanks so much!
scupbucket  autor de 5th Grade Cursive   22/02/2016

This font may be installed and used without any special treatment. Once the font is installed on your system, you should be able to "see" the font in any design or wordprocessing software, and used/printed as normal.
GraphicsGmail  01/10/2016
The Italic file is the same as the Regular font. :(
krystlep16  07/01/2017
Is there a version of this with the "handwriting lines?"
Acorrea  07/05/2017
Does this print have a bold version?
Acorrea  07/05/2017
does anyone happen to know if i can download this font and use it with my cricut expression 2 ?

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