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ChronoType is a proportional sans-serif pixel font recreation based on the original main text font appearing in the SNES video game Chrono Trigger, developed and released by Square in 1995.

The character set of this font was greatly expanded with the full Japanese hiragana and katakana alphabets, countless additional special characters, Cyrillic and Greek letters, diacritic variants, unique glyphs and the like, each one of them designed to match the spirit and style of the original font design.

To recreate the original look of the in-game pixel font stick to font sizes that are multiples of 16pt and avoid any anti-aliasing or other font smoothing methods.

1000 characters total
Proportional sans-serif typeface
Complete original Japanese hiragana and katakana character sets
Cyrillic and Greek base alphabets
Countless additional special characters, diacritic variants, etc.

Please contact me for any commercial use of my fonts.

Copyright 2016 Caveras. All rights reserved.

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Illustration © Caveras


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