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For those who having trouble to install fonts do this:
you download the font.
to extract it.
do you know how to extract a file?
far and for most download 7-zip, 7-zip is like winrar or winzip.
download it here:;pop
its the most easiest way to zip a file, in my opinion anyway^^
#now third:
find the font you download it.
right click it, then select "7-zip" click "extract files"
select the folder where you want to place it and hit "OK"
now you extracted the font, you have to place it in the "fonts" folder where all the fonts are there.
Just click "RUN" in the start menu and type "fonts".
open the folder where you download the font, just drag the font to the "fonts" then its finish.
Check your MSWord to test it.
Hope that helps~!

private message me if you need more help.
or ask questions/if you are confuse just pm me :)
and if all else doesn't work, send me a print screen of part where you are troubled.
Don't know how to print screen?
just press the key on top right of your keyboard with a name "Prt Sc SysRq"
Be sure that your mouse pointer is in the middle of the screen and open your paint go to "edit" and "paste" it.


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