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David Espinosa [Type Sailor]

Born 22.12.1986 (37 Jahre alt, Schütze)
Kolumbien (Bogotá)

David Espinosa was born in 1986. Since he was a child, him interest in the typefaces made to design a type with his name, now Missing. Graduated in 2010, him career as a type designer have been too grateful. Thinking apart the types, his brand "Type Sailor" is very known in Bogotá just for make the branding a lifestyle.
In the illustration, his work is centered in the old school tattoo, but the fantastic illustration and the schemathical draw are very appreciate by this graphic designer. "My work is about the conception of the space in the branding, type design and editorial design. I love poster and postcards. When I think in a new font or brand, I try the project have the same strenght than the poster, because it is the superior manifestation of the graphic design; you don´t have time to stop and be extasied with the poster. It must be striking and able to the ready reading without missing information"


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