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Ryan Smith

Super­pos­i­tion Kitty are Ryan & Jen Smith (no rela­tion) — a graphic designer from 8 hours in the future and a self effa­cing sta­tion­ary addict and uni­ver­sity drop out who live and work together in Dun­dee, Scot­land. Shortly after meet­ing for the first time in Septem­ber 2007 they drank sev­eral bottles of wine and decided to form an inter­net based t-shirt design com­pany and set to work on a list of slo­gans and ideas that would, as they saw it, set the world alight.

The list was in part illegible, writ­ten in pink felt tip pen and has since dis­ap­peared in a house mov­ing incid­ent, which was prob­ably for the best.

Just over a year and sev­eral site redesigns later Super­pos­i­tion Kitty aims to simply and unpre­ten­tiously present the idea that good design and cul­ture should be afford­able, access­ible and open to every­one everywhere.

At the heart of the site lies the ethos that good ideas no mat­ter their pur­pose should be shared out, cir­cu­lated and passed on to as many people as pos­sible in a fun and inform­at­ive way.

If we like it, it’s here and it’s very very awesome.

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