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Ryan Febrian

Born 13.02.2000 (21 Jahre alt, Wassermann)
Indonesien (Java Island)

My account :
1cak : RyanDri3957V
Instagram : RyanDri3957V
Twitter : RyanDri3957V
Facebook : Ryan Febrian
9Gag : RyanDri3957V
Steam : RyanDri3957V
Rockstar Social Club : RyanDri3957V
GTA Inside : RyanDri3957V
GTA Forums : RyanDri3957V
Github : RyanDri3957V
(Note : Majority of my account are named RyanDri3957V or Ryan Febrian)

Website :
Blog :

About me :
I born in 2009.My real name is M.Danne Febrian,I shorten my name to Ryan Febrian,and RyanDri3957V is a random nickname from game Free Fire (You can search my name in game,I'm using character Kelly,right?[Based on my old memory]) I was playing this game for 5 month,I reached "Diamond III" rank ( It's med rank in this game),I stop playing this game after I found some toxic child and also lost my Facebook account cuz I comment "Sieg Heil" and using profile photo Stalin (Now it's my 13th Facebook account,f*ck you Marx Suckerberg!) And for you guys,never comment Sieg Heil or Heil Führer,using Stalin or Hitler profile photo,or use Osama Bin Laden profile photo.Now I playing Among Us (Not everytime,just when I'm bored) with nickname RyanDri (Among Us doesn't allow you to take a nickname above 8 alphabet) and I'm also a GTA SA playuer (just offline) and also modify them.And I've dreaming to play GTA V on a high spec PC,but.....I don't have any money, you know what is the best,Asus ROG Phone or Asus ROG Laptop? Please donation support :D (Just kidding,but,If you want to donate,it's very welcome :D)

My Laptop specs :
Processors : Intel Pentium T2330
Graphics card : Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
(Very low spesification,right?)

End :
Is it enough? Not at all,but thanks for reading,
Stay positive and be happy guys :D



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