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11.08.2017 um 18:03  [Antwort]  font of both?

saiojitsu sagte  
What's the font "lousy reputation"?

Code Bold

09.08.2017 um 18:49  [Ausgangseintrag]  font of both?

I need the font for "Real Life London" please!
I'm making something for someone on Photoshop and they've said they would, if possible, like the fonts from this image!

EDITED: I found the font for Lousy Reputation myself as it's one I've used in the past.

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16.02.2015 um 18:08  [Antwort]  "life is strange" logo font?

Thank you :')

EDIT: Wait is there a free version at all? It's only a project I need to do personal use.

EDIT2: Don't worry any more, turns out the requestee wants a different font. Thanks anyway!

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16.02.2015 um 17:47  [Ausgangseintrag]  "life is strange" logo font?

Does anyone know the font in this image? I've tried myfonts' identifier and it's not coming up with any results. I need it for a graphics project

Ty if you can find it!

10.10.2014 um 00:10  [Antwort]  MoneyGram font

"Bold italic" ?

Vorgeschlagener Font: Irma Text Round

07.10.2014 um 08:55  [Antwort]  WHOPPER FONT PLEASE

The E could be custom designed but if not, this font is similar.

Vorgeschlagener Font: Uniman Black

07.10.2014 um 07:54  [Antwort]  Please help me find this font.

Looks like the regular version however could be the fat version!

Identifizierter Font: Xtreem

05.10.2014 um 00:21  [Antwort]  Ayuda con estas fuentes!

Vorgeschlagener Font: Futura Condensed Light

02.10.2014 um 23:38  [Antwort]  font? pls

I think a few effects have been added but the original font seems to be Plain from this collection

Vorgeschlagener Font: Yang Plain

01.10.2014 um 23:43  [Antwort]  Font please?

"HAY CONSEJOS QUE" = Futura Light Condensed
"EN QUE LOS VIVISTE." = Futura Bold Condensed

Vorgeschlagener Font: Futura

01.10.2014 um 23:26  [Antwort]  What font is THIS?

Littera Text Medium is a possibility.

Vorgeschlagener Font: Littera Text

01.10.2014 um 19:08  [Antwort]  FONT PLEASE FONT???

CAROLUNA1985 sagte  
=) gracias

de nada :-D
estudia espanola al instituto hehe

01.10.2014 um 18:10  [Antwort]  demande de font svp

Medium in this font.

Vorgeschlagener Font: DIN Next

01.10.2014 um 18:06  [Antwort]  FONT PLEASE FONT???

Think it's this one. And with the letter size, it's something to do with the way they've edited I believe.

Identifizierter Font: Gadget

01.10.2014 um 18:02  [Antwort]  Free Font please?

"Roman Reloaded"

Identifizierter Font: Face Your Fears

01.10.2014 um 18:00  [Antwort]  Free Font please?

"Nicki Minaj" "Friday" is Orator Std.

Vorgeschlagener Font: Orator

Bearbeitet am 01.10.2014 um 18:00 von abbeyjaynee

01.10.2014 um 17:53  [Antwort]  Simple font?

The regular one

Vorgeschlagener Font: Standard

Bearbeitet am 01.10.2014 um 17:59 von drf

30.09.2014 um 18:54  [Antwort]  Font?


Vorgeschlagener Font: Futura XLight

29.09.2014 um 23:48  [Antwort]  Revolt Font

On the you have to scroll down for a little bit i hope that isn't a problem

Vorgeschlagener Font: Novecento Sans Narrow DemiBold

29.09.2014 um 23:39  [Antwort]  Tatto Style Script Font

Its not this one and I know that but it is similar.

Vorgeschlagener Font: Teaser Houses

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