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29.09.2018 um 19:28  [Antwort]  Bojack Horseman Credits Font?


I've found similar fonts before, the only problem is the S, if anyone could help out I'd appreciate it

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08.07.2018 um 19:15  [Ausgangseintrag]  font? or one similar?

02.10.2017 um 02:52  [Ausgangseintrag]  Font for this logo? or one similar?


14.09.2017 um 16:51  [Antwort]  Font for Vertigo Comics?


13.09.2017 um 17:32  [Ausgangseintrag]  Font for Vertigo Comics?

if you can find the font to this or one similar i'd be happy

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23.08.2017 um 19:50  [Ausgangseintrag]  Bojack Horseman Credits Font?

I know you might not think its a font, but It is one, the characters look the same, like the S's look the same, anyways If someone could identify or find one very similar i'd appreciate it! cheers!

nevermind, found it!

Identifizierter Font: Upbolters New

14.07.2017 um 23:53  [Ausgangseintrag]  Font from Preacher opening credits?

13.07.2017 um 16:50  [Antwort]  2015 Spike Logo font?


It isn't official but It's like 100% similar

Vorgeschlagener Font: FX Logo Bold

04.07.2017 um 00:07  [Antwort]  PREACHER TV SHOW FONT

Also ran multiple tests of this font with other text scenes in Preacher, confirmed it this font

04.07.2017 um 00:06  [Antwort]  PREACHER TV SHOW FONT

Identifizierter Font: Knockout No. 48 Featherweight

01.07.2017 um 23:23  [Antwort]  pls i need it

That font is ITC Lubalin Graph Bold but Rounded a bit

Vorgeschlagener Font: ITC Lubalin Graph Bold

28.06.2017 um 21:20  [Ausgangseintrag]  2015 Spike Logo font?

27.05.2017 um 21:04  [Antwort]  font?


08.05.2017 um 18:52  [Antwort]  Breaking Bad Credits

Found it, It is Franklin Gothic

Vorgeschlagener Font: Franklin Gothic

08.05.2017 um 18:51  [Ausgangseintrag]  "Signure crafted" and "recipes" font?


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03.05.2017 um 18:20  [Ausgangseintrag]  Font for this "Netflix Original" text?

03.05.2017 um 00:28  [Antwort]  AMC - Returns Feb Font

"Returns Feb" font is Avenir Next Heavy

Identifizierter Font: Avenir Next Heavy

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