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03.04.2011 um 16:05  [Antwort]  thinkmusic

Complete font family here: Galette

03.04.2011 um 15:58  [Antwort]  thinkmusic

Identifizierter Font: Galette

03.04.2011 um 14:40  [Antwort]  What font is this? :)

Identifizierter Font: Plantin Light

03.04.2011 um 14:26  [Antwort]  font

After trying some in Photoshop, I found out it really is DIN 1451 Engschrift, just flatten it by hand...

03.04.2011 um 13:02  [Antwort]  Font identification...

Well, you asked for FAST, I gave you fast

03.04.2011 um 12:59  [Antwort]  Font identification...

Identifizierter Font: Goca Logotype Beta

03.04.2011 um 12:54  [Antwort]  font

This does come really close... I'm not completely sure because of the R, but it might be that the text in the image is squeezed a little...

Identifizierter Font: DIN 1451 Engschrift

03.04.2011 um 11:24  [Antwort]  font?

Identifizierter Font: ITC Avant Garde Std-Bk Cn

02.04.2011 um 21:05  [Antwort]  Ubisoft

Added a square corner to the 'U', 'S' and the 'O'

Vorgeschlagener Font: Eurostile Ext Black

Bearbeitet am 02.04.2011 um 21:13 von ITellYa

02.04.2011 um 19:08  [Antwort]  Demande Identification

Looks like a rounded version of FF Schulbuch Süd

Vorgeschlagener Font: FF Schulbuch Süd (Bold?)

02.04.2011 um 18:14  [Antwort]  what font is this?

Identifizierter Font: Futura Bold

02.04.2011 um 18:13  [Antwort]  help plss :(

Identifizierter Font: Franklin Gothic Demi

02.04.2011 um 16:41  [Antwort]  The Black Parade Font!

I expect that isn't a font, as the M's, C's, E's and A's differ...

02.04.2011 um 15:16  [Antwort]  The Beatles Abbey Road

Something like this?

Vorgeschlagener Font: Century Bold

02.04.2011 um 14:21  [Antwort]  Struggling to find a font

I think this is quite similar?

02.04.2011 um 13:04  [Antwort]  Font?

Italic, and the F custom modified or cut of the tail from here: Seravek Bold Italic

Vorgeschlagener Font: Servarek Bold

02.04.2011 um 12:52  [Antwort]  Any ideas?

I'd say hand-written, as the O's, T's, U's, N's, I's differ from each other...

02.04.2011 um 12:46  [Antwort]  what are these font

Abadeen sagte  
thank you but arent the "KATY PERRY & KANYE WEST" different fonts
look at some of the letters such as the "a" its diffrent from the val font

Thats true, but if you look to the post of rocamaco:

rocamaco sagte  
"extra terrestrial"

You can see that he says that what he suggests is for 'EXTRA TERRESTRIAL', not for 'KATY PERRY' and 'KANYE WEST'

02.04.2011 um 11:56  [Antwort]  font

Identifizierter Font: Bordeaux Roman Bold

02.04.2011 um 10:47  [Antwort]  Can you help me?


Identifizierter Font: Wearetrippin Display

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