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12.02.2011 um 20:32  [Antwort]  Please help

haha @ tophy52

Identifizierter Font: Arial 11pt

Bearbeitet am 13.02.2011 um 11:56 von Rodolphe

05.02.2011 um 22:04  [Antwort]  Nottingham City Transport

Pretty close to Futura, but thats not the one.

04.02.2011 um 13:11  [Antwort]  font used for masterpieces?

This is custom made, I red some years ago when I was looking for the font.

26.01.2011 um 21:18  [Antwort]  The Game

Look at this

Vorgeschlagener Font: Compton Game

26.01.2011 um 21:16  [Antwort]  The Game

ITellYa sagte  
MAWNS sagte  

Well, I meant down in the right corner of the last E. It's a bit taken away.

That can be done really easy by just erasing it in Photoshop or something like that, even Paint... I think it's a font!

Yeah. I just pointed it out.

Noone can seem to find it though?

26.01.2011 um 13:01  [Antwort]  Tenth Avenue North?????

Vorgeschlagener Font: ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro Book  (Schlechte Antwort)

26.01.2011 um 12:54  [Antwort]  The Game

Myotis sagte  
No, the E's are not different. The underline coming from the M just makes it look like it.

Well, I meant down in the right corner of the last E. It's a bit taken away.

26.01.2011 um 12:50  [Antwort]  Colors Fonts? please reply

Even more similar

Vorgeschlagener Font: Gordala

26.01.2011 um 12:49  [Antwort]  Colors Fonts? please reply

Another similar

Vorgeschlagener Font: Amable

22.01.2011 um 22:17  [Antwort]  The Game

Since the E:s are slightly different it wouldn't surprise me if "The Game" wasn't a font.

20.01.2011 um 22:50  [Antwort]  What is font, please? Thanks (:

This looks like it as far as I can see

Identifizierter Font: Wendy

20.01.2011 um 00:30  [Antwort]  James Blunt font

There is four different T:s, two different A:s, H:s and some other stuff telling me this is probably not a font

19.01.2011 um 23:46  [Antwort]  I could use your help

Identifizierter Font: Angel Tears

The A's are modified

Vorgeschlagener Font: Drescher Grotesk

07.01.2011 um 02:44  [Antwort]  Album

The "Don't forget" is probably not a font.

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