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It's their own font, not available.
This is similar:

Vorgeschlagener Font: Melior

05.03.2011 um 10:40  [Antwort]  What is the name of this font ????

Identifizierter Font: Banco

04.03.2011 um 21:27  [Antwort]  I need help!

You can't download it for free, at least not legally.

"Who Says" is probably not a font.

04.03.2011 um 21:02  [Antwort]  la typo de la lettre M

Vorgeschlagener Font: Arial

04.03.2011 um 21:01  [Antwort]  Nintendo 64

Vorgeschlagener Font: Imago ExtraBold

01.03.2011 um 10:05  [Antwort]  block semi serif

I think it's definitely Old Stock...
Just an custom made middle stroke on the E.

Vorgeschlagener Font: LHF Old Stock

01.03.2011 um 00:37  [Antwort]  Lady Gaga - Born this way FONT

Not a font; look at the four different A's

27.02.2011 um 23:39  [Antwort]  What font is this?!

TylersOH sagte  

Locator Bold

Very similar, but the M is different in "the middle". Also, the O is not a perfect circle as in the picture.

26.02.2011 um 12:01  [Antwort]  tattoo sailor

Not a font, different T's and O's

Here you got something similar:

Vorgeschlagener Font: Tattoo Ink

25.02.2011 um 23:13  [Antwort]  DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS FONT ?

Close enough!

Identifizierter Font: SF Collegiate

25.02.2011 um 22:50  [Antwort]  L.A. Noire?

Think I've seen this up before...
This is absolutely not the same font, but at least a bit similar.

Vorgeschlagener Font: Studio Neon

23.02.2011 um 19:40  [Antwort]  need that font or a font very similar

Shook ones shook ones!

23.02.2011 um 19:22  [Antwort]  What are these fonts?


Vorgeschlagener Font: Saddlebag

23.02.2011 um 19:15  [Antwort]  Twitter font

Vorgeschlagener Font: Pico Black

23.02.2011 um 12:15  [Antwort]  BIG GAME by pokerstars FONT?!?

piecr sagte  

Illustrator or Photoshop, gradient tool

18.02.2011 um 23:00  [Antwort]  Robyn

Skipperzilla sagte  
Yes it is C:

No, it's not. It's transparent. You can probably find the basic for the logo somewhere though.

16.02.2011 um 23:34  [Antwort]  Font?

Godmorgon på dig

16.02.2011 um 01:21  [Antwort]  Facebook

Are google down?

13.02.2011 um 23:43  [Antwort]  ''Amethyst'' Font.

Another similar

Vorgeschlagener Font: Lovers Pro

13.02.2011 um 23:42  [Antwort]  ''Amethyst'' Font.

Only similar

Vorgeschlagener Font: Scriptina Pro

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