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26.06.2018 um 01:57  [Antwort]  What is this font?


22.05.2018 um 00:08  [Ausgangseintrag]  What is this font?


frd sagte  
Your topic was moved here because it's not exactly a font identification. You're looking for something that looks similar to a specific shape and requests like this one are moved here. You don't need to create a new request in the identification forum, you can just bump this one.

Thank you for clarifying, I thought there was a glitch lol.

Thank your for the assistance, but however in the font collection you linked, I can't find a Flat Note themed font. :(

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marty666 sagte  
you're looking for letters "a, b, c, d..." that looks like this?

Yes yes, exactly that.

@maury1983 thank you for the suggestion but not what I'm looking for.

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