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MIKA - Life In Cartoon Motion

23.02.2013 um 23:12

There is more than 1 font over here.

I would love to know what's the font used for the songs names (altough it might be drawn)
The font for MIKA's web
The font in the sides that says the album name & the font of the numbers.

Again - some of the fonts might be hand-drawn so never mind but if you know the fonts it would be very helpful

10x ahead

MIKA - Life In Cartoon Motion

23.02.2013 um 23:55

Unfortunately, for the song's names, it's not a font. We see that the letters are not similar.. I think it's Mika's sister who wrote the song's name !
Same thing for the Mika's website !

24.02.2013 um 09:08

You're absolutely right!
what about the fonts in the sides?

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