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13.09.2012 um 22:27

Anyone know what font this is?


Identifizierter Font

Neuropol X Bold  Vorgeschlagen von Heron2001 

13.09.2012 um 22:36

Identifizierter Font: Neuropol X Bold

13.09.2012 um 22:38

And the free version from M. Larabie too :

13.09.2012 um 22:39

thanks a lot guys

13.09.2012 um 22:40

drf your the don, i hope you know that lol

13.09.2012 um 22:43

Don, like the Mafia boss ?

13.09.2012 um 22:46

Hey do you play Mafia Wars?

13.09.2012 um 22:47

I don't even know what that is

13.09.2012 um 22:50

yes like a mafia boss lol, and no i dont play mafia wars

13.09.2012 um 22:51

Ok, got it Thanks

13.09.2012 um 22:52

lol, i just posted one more if u guys got any ideas

13.09.2012 um 22:57

We are on our break - you aren't allowed to join us at the water cooler... lol

Just like a New Yawker... LOL

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