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how to contact the publisher i want to use text for publishing

21.06.2010 um 04:36

I want to use a certain text, it says free for personal use.
i tried to contact the publisher on here but i cannot seem to reach him,
im not to familiar with this site so i dont know how things work.

Bearbeitet am 21.06.2010 um 12:47 von tophy52

21.06.2010 um 09:46

Wich font / font author ?

21.06.2010 um 16:46

21.06.2010 um 19:56

23.06.2010 um 09:29

23.06.2010 um 19:26

Shame on you for wasting our time, Miss Murder! His e-mail address IS IN THE READ ME!!!

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