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Maid of Sker Videogame Font

01.08.2021 um 01:50

Hello! I'm looking for this font. It was used in "Maid of Sker" horror game title. The logo is heavily modified with an awesome erosion effect to fit the horror theme, if you are looking for the game logo on google. In some promo they have used the same font without modifying, so I upload this one since it's clearer. I need to know the name of the font, I have tried to use WhatTheFont without success. Can anyone identify it? Thank you very much, have a nice day!!

Maid of Sker Videogame Font

Identifizierter Font

Chantelli Antiqua  Vorgeschlagen von jerseygirl 

01.08.2021 um 01:52

Identifizierter Font: Chantelli Antiqua

01.08.2021 um 01:56

OMG!! That was quick thank you very much jerseygirl

01.08.2021 um 02:01

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