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Sans Serif font query ...

29.04.2019 um 16:51


Good afternoon.

Can one of you wonderful people here please identify this Sans
Serif font for me.

I initially thought that it looked similar to Rotis Semi Sans but,
after checking, you will know, as I now do, that it is not this font,
hence my query.

Many thanks in advance for your much-valued assistance.



Sans Serif font query ...

Identifizierter Font

Roboto  Vorgeschlagen von tomthumb 

29.04.2019 um 16:53

Identifizierter Font: Roboto

29.04.2019 um 17:22


Hello 'tomthumb', and WOW! :-)

Thank you SO much for such a prompt and correct reply -
it certainly looks like 'Roboto' to me!

Well done that man (or woman!), your valuable assistance
here is very much appreciated!

All the very best, and many thanks again,


P.S. You can feel even better about this result by knowing
that it has helped a very ill friend of mine who is trying to
carry out some volunteer work for this organisation.

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