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21.04.2018 um 22:36

hel please


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John Hancock CP  Vorgeschlagen von donshottype 

21.04.2018 um 23:01

Probably a logo, not a font.

22.04.2018 um 16:24

The lettering for _Whirlpool_ has the heavy bracketed serifs & ball terminals of the Clarendon [Ionic] fonts that originated in Britain in the mid century. AFAIK none of these fonts is a match for _Whirlpool_ and the Whirlpool Corporation does not appear to have a private font based on the logo lettering.

The closest font would perhaps be a blend between Century Schoolbook Bold and Century Schoolbook Condensed, but although the weight and width would be close to _Whirlpool_, it would still not be a match to the logo. The most noticeable difference is that Century Schoolbook does not have the vertical sides in the counters of _p_ and _o_ in _Whirlpool_.

These are found in John Hancock CP, which also has a weight and width that is close to _Whirlpool_, but John Hancock CP has slab serifs rather than the bracketed serifs of _Whirlpool_.

Except for the counters, and the ball terminal on _r_, John Hancock CP is NOT A MATCH to _Whirlpool_.
Vorgeschlagener Font: John Hancock CP

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