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Looking for font logo designer

11.12.2011 um 14:45

Hi all,

Im currently going into the freelance business and im gone setup my portfollio.
Now i need a logo for myself and i am a graphic designer myself, but my majority is webdesign so font design isint really my field of expertise.

Im looking for a logo thats just my artist name: dkeulen but not with a normal font i can find oline, im gone need a hand made piece.
I am very difficult when it comes to things i like and accept to use for myself (or my cleints ) so i need to get it done well almost perfectly to my taste :P
And since i cant do it myself im looking for some one experianced who can help me out.

What i am looking for:

A logo that is my artist name: dkeulen (you can also try something with DKeulen so i can see wat you could do with both).
Example of wat kind of font/work i am looking for:
Here you can see it looks elegant and hand drawn but still clean/simple, and it kinda looks like a signature, not all straight like the normal fonts. THIS is wat i am looking for!

If anyone could do this, let me know your price (or maybe payment in graphic services from my end? suit yourself ) and please mail me at denniskeulen @ i will respond allot
faster on email then chekking this forum!!!

Note, as i said im not that easy with accepting works as im a designer myself and are always looking to get quality work done.
Please if anyone wanna have a go at it let me know (by email pretty please) you can do some work and mail it me with a watermark and everything as you like with your price.



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