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New font designer.

10.01.2017 um 14:33

Hi, I'm new to typography and font design, so i tried to create a font and upload it here but it seems like it didn't get accepted, so i was just wondering where and how can i get some feedback, on why it didn't get accepted. I would like to improve as a font designer but i dont know where to get feedback, are there some good forums or other places where you can show off your creations and discuss it with other typography designers. I'm doing some other designs, but i don't want to spend the time and effort to upload them here if im doing some rookie mistake.

Im sorry for my stupid questions, but im new to this community, and I would like to get a running start.

Bearbeitet am 10.01.2017 um 14:37 von Nils Kähler

10.01.2017 um 21:32

Hi Nils.
Firstly, how long ago did you submit the font? It's not an immediate process between submission and acceptance, so if it was a recent submission, you may just have to be a little patient. If it's not accepted, it's likely to be a technical issue, rather than an aesthetic reason. I think the admins give feedback when a font is rejected, but someone may want to jump in here to confirm that…
My advice on getting feedback. Firstly friends, family and peers and colleagues. perhaps to seek critiques of your work in progress. If you do submit for a critique, just basic upper and lowercase glyphs and numerals. Maybe also for critiques.
Also a rigorous self testing regime. Generate and install the font yourself and test it to destruction in every app it's likely to be used in (Word, Pages, InDesign, Illustrator, PS etc).
I've found this very useful; for testing metrics and so forth online at a glance (without the hassle of installing).
You could post here for critiques and queries, but remember, if you have a tech query, be clear about the software you are using (Glyphs, FontLab, Fontforge etc.) so peeps can help if they can.

11.01.2017 um 06:45

When did you submit your font?

Have a look at this page, Is the date new fonts were last added to the site before or after you submitted your font.

If the date fonts were last added was on or before you submitted your font, then have patience and check that page from time to time.

If the date is after you submitted your font, that means your font was not accepted. The admins will not tell you the reason unless you ask them. Admins are going over the forum will see your inquiry but to be sure to get an answer, send the admin a PM. Try it here It is advisable to provide the admin details of your submission.

11.01.2017 um 21:39

Oh, ok thank you both for your time and answers, they have been very helpfull.

I'll try to contact the admins, and hear them out.

I love those links, thats some really interesting forums and places to read up on font design.

I use illustrator for setting up the blueprint and structure the letters, and then i use glyphs mini to set them up and export it to a font. It's a lot of fun to figure out how to setup the style and try to keep a solid style throughout all the characters. I'm so facinated about the amount of work that has to be put into a well crafted font, with special kernings between letters, and the amount of symbols that exists. I have done a lot of logo design before, but it's fun to extend the few characters created in that and then create a whole font based on that. So long question short, what kind of software do you use to create your fonts?

13.01.2017 um 13:21

Hi Nils.
I'm a 'hobbyist' as far as font creation counts, so my software advice is probably best ignored (I use Illustrator to draw the base glyphs and FontForge for everything else). I know I should do the drawing in FontForge, but Illustrator is my 'comfort zone'…
More useful resources to look at (an extensive 'course' in type design) (a whole lot of resources) (a guide to what not to do)
Good luck

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