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Old doctors car font name!

12.11.2015 um 19:14

This is the old car font need name!

Old doctors car font name!

Identifizierter Font

Impact  Vorgeschlagen von Tomás Silcher 

12.11.2015 um 19:26

I already said in one of my videos that i dont know the font name. That sticker we made two weeks ago for filming. We used Futura. This one was made in 2011, so i dont know and the
original desinged of the sticker was replaced one year ago. Hope thease guys on dafont help you!

12.11.2015 um 19:27

Sorry for the bad spelling to lazy to write!

12.11.2015 um 19:35

Identifizierter Font: Impact

12.11.2015 um 19:54

I can't belive the answer was right in front of my eyes! Thank you good sir!

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