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Can someone make this Nickelodeon font?

17.06.2015 um 16:39

I need someone to make this 2009 Nickelodeon font on (make it free for all uses, including personal use.) It needs some updates to it as well, so look for the NickNight (for the uppercase G and uppercase H) Nick Jr. Too (for the lowercase T) MundoNick (for the uppercase D) Nick@Nite (for the @ symbol and uppercase T) Nicktoons (for the S and uppercase T) TeenNick (for the uppercase T) Nickelodeon Junior France (for the uppercase and lowercase letter U's, the uppercase J, the lowercase I and the lowercase R) NickMom (for the uppercase and lowercase M's) Nickelodeon 4 Teen (for the 4) Nick Jr. 2 (for the period, lowercase J, 2 and lowercase R) Nick Radio (for the lowercase A) and Nick Hits (for the the İ (U+0130) and uppercase H) logos.

17.06.2015 um 22:51

SquadHater2002 sagte  
... I need someone to make this 2009 Nickelodeon font on ...

Is that so?

18.06.2015 um 10:58

... and a 6pack of beer with it to take away ?
Anything else ?
It'll be 3.595,99$.
Charge or Debit?

18.06.2015 um 11:30

...and don't forget to email nickelodeon's lawyers to tell them you're ripping off nickelodeon's work.
They'll be more than happy to meet you

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