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Phoenix Suns' font

27.10.2010 um 17:44

Hi all,
I'm looking for the font used on the Phoenix SUns' classic logo and jerseys, back in the 90s. See the picture.
Do you know if a font file exists?
Thanks a lot!

Phoenix Suns' font

Vorgeschlagene Fonts

Lightsider  Vorgeschlagen von abdo_shahba 
SF TransRobotics Italic  Vorgeschlagen von marty666 

27.10.2010 um 17:53

NBA logos are handmade, they're not from fonts
but you might want to try SF TransRobotics Italic
Vorgeschlagener Font: SF TransRobotics Italic

07.11.2010 um 15:34

Wow, thanks a lot, this one's really alike
You rock!!!

15.01.2018 um 07:35

hi all can i ask what is the font using the latest phoenix suns jersey?

Bearbeitet am 15.01.2018 um 07:35 von KOVSKIE

15.01.2018 um 12:15

You need to post a picture of what you're looking for here:

23.01.2018 um 05:10

23.01.2018 um 11:15

There are hundreds of different images there. Are you looking for the font you posted in another thread?

11.11.2020 um 05:32

Phoenix Suns Logo Font is "Lightsider Regular".
License: Donationware. It means you can try the font for free, and if you are interested in using it, you must donate to the author.
Vorgeschlagener Font: Lightsider

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