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Request with searching font name!

10.04.2014 um 14:51

Hey guys.
Someday i make intro to my videos on YT.
Few days ago i did format computer and i forgot save downloaded fonts...
Now i have problem cause i dont know which fonts i used.

Here is video with my intro, can i please fonts name? ( "Kowal" and "presents" one font and number "1528" second- another)

Please about fast response! Thanks!

Request with searching font name!

Identifizierte Fonts

Make Juice  Vorgeschlagen von khiro 
FairydustB  Vorgeschlagen von khiro 

10.04.2014 um 19:04

Identifizierter Font: Make Juice

10.04.2014 um 19:07

Identifizierter Font: FairydustB

10.04.2014 um 20:06

OGM thank you so much! You save my life

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