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18.01.2014 um 14:44

Please can someone identify this font in the linked picture?
This is the YouTuber I got the thumbnail from and I'd really like to know what font it is!



Identifizierte Fonts

Fontdinerdotcom Huggable  Vorgeschlagen von khiro 
Soup of Justice  Vorgeschlagen von khiro 

18.01.2014 um 14:51

Identifizierter Font: Fontdinerdotcom Huggable

18.01.2014 um 14:56

Thanks! That's the survival games bit! Anyone else any idea for the 'Minecraft' bit?

18.01.2014 um 15:04

Identifizierter Font: Soup of Justice

18.01.2014 um 22:27

Thaks! You've been a real help!

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