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16.01.2014 um 01:56

I need this font please!!
It is from the album Fuerza Natural by Gustavo Cerati


Bearbeitet am 20.01.2014 um 01:45 von NMenjivar

Vorgeschlagener Font

FuerzaNatural_Trib  Vorgeschlagen von Little_Alex210 

11.06.2020 um 20:04

Hey bro, i recreated the font with that image and other that find it, you can download it from the link of mediafire: , it have all the lyrics, numbers and #, and if you are interested, i uploaded "Fuerza Natural Tour, en vivo en Monterrey, MX, 2009" in Flac 24Bits. you can download it from my video: . Cerati Infinito! Gracias Totales!
Vorgeschlagener Font: FuerzaNatural_Trib

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