DIST Yolks Emoticons

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dafontmakerk  04.08.2008
these are hilarious and fun! :)
nynycat  07.08.2008
nice emotion it's so kool when we use PTS!
StreetLingaz  14.08.2008
Ha ha ha these little dudes are awesome!
shadow10bl  01.09.2008
putraveto  05.09.2008
Koecki  08.09.2008
They are so funny
DNYcE718  19.09.2008
Ahhh Yo I want Dis Here To Put On Some Shirts
weeman  04.10.2008
class like the first one
Muse62  19.10.2008
Est-ce normal que je n'arrive pas à installer cette police ?
seldem_tria  03.11.2008
Smile smile nice font
ayuvivian  12.11.2008
they are so cute!~~lovely!~
dsmith  12.12.2008
OMG!! i love this font its adorable!!!
kaki;busuk  09.04.2009
hey, i cant use it... why????
SHeidelbach  22.04.2009
so sweet
meggiemae6862  23.04.2009
hahaha so cute!
i like b, d, and w!
Nie  10.05.2009
ooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!! ^_____________^
braian  18.07.2009
muy buena la letra..
Dwavy007  06.10.2009
This Is Dope... Yo Can I Use Them
Wavey J  08.03.2011
Hey I like the emotion's can I use one of them to put on a jumper and hat.

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