WM Animals 2

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chanp  16.12.2009
I liked it very much. I want to make commercial use in the greeting card of the company. Will you admit it?
isaak  20.07.2010
Hi WM, I'm going to make some tees, and I want to use some animals from your font, Can I do It?
isaak  20.07.2010
Sorry, I forget my e-mail, please contact me.


tahaam  21.04.2012
Hi, I love your fonts, I wanted to ask about commercial use and what is needed to use your fonts for that purpose, my e-mail is azyaacouture@aol.com

xav011  28.04.2015
Hello, I would like to ask you about commercial use, can you contact me please ?
Thank you
akcd1983  09.03.2017
I like your font wmanimals2 and need the moose for a logo for an Arc shields-club.

I would ask you, if I can use the mosse in the logo for flyer :)
I hope you send me an answer to aileenkalikowski@web.de

I hope to hear from you.
Thanks, Aileen
johannalovesmatt4  28.12.2017
I would like to know if I can get the commercial use from this
My email is johannadailey@yahoo.com
Thank you
jimmbad  15.09.2019
Hello Willy Mac,
I would like to know more about the commercial use.
Could you please contact me on contact.corpozoo@gmail.com?
Thank you in advance

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