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Kody Boye  17.11.2007
I really like this font, Karla. If you could get in contact with my, I would really appreciate it. I would like to use your font in a small section of a book I am about to self-publish for design purpose and want your approval first.

If you see this, thanks. Email me at kodyboye@q.com. We can discuss the font there.


~Kody Boye

PS: I really like the designs; they're interesting and have their own feel to each and every one.
Azurii  17.10.2008
C'est vraiment poétique, j'adore~!
carlasims  16.01.2009
Karla, your wm designs 1 fonts are just what I've been looking for to possibly use in a Christian book I will be publishing myself this year. May I use this font and if so, is there a licensing fee? Please contact me at carlasims@live.com.
Thank you in advance for your prompt response.
God bless you,
Carla Sims
werty12345  04.01.2010
Hello Karla,

Happy New Year!

I am wondering if you offer this font so we can print the designs onto our place cards? (small scale) I know it says personal use only. But do you offer as a licensing fee also? I love your designs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Nicki - nickipilkington@aol.co.uk
financier  21.03.2010
Hello Karla! Please, let me know how to license your font for commercial usage. Please, contact me at mm[at]maksfin.de
rdub  03.08.2010
Karla, I wish to use one letter ("d") of the font WM Designs 1 in a novel that I will soon self-publish. Please advise if you allow your font to be used in this way. I would be happy to credit your design work. I can be reached at: walther {atsign} redstone-tech {dotcom}
bballard83  01.09.2010
I love several of your WM fonts, and I was wondering if you would be interested in letting me purchase them for commercial use. I own my own paper products company making wedding invitations, birth announcements, etc., and I would be honored to use your art within my own artwork! Please let me know if that would be acceptable to you or not, and I'll look forward to your response. Thanks for your creative inspiration! flirtingwithfonts@gmail.com

Creatively yours,
Brandi Ballard
Jodar  05.10.2010
Hi Karla, I love the letter i of this font and was wondering about commercial licences to have it in my logo. If you could email me at jlbphoto@tpg.com.au
LTGEN  13.04.2011
Please let me know if you license for commercial usage? Please contact me
ltamburino@afg1.com. I am interested in a piece.

Thank you.
NicholeTaylor  09.05.2012
Hi Karla,

I'm interested in using this font for commercial purposes. Please contact me nichole at uponthedoorposts dot com.

Thank you!
massdesigns  22.05.2012
Hi, Karla.

I would like to use a couple of your dingbats for a small business logo. Can you please let me know the licensing fee?

Thank you,
ranjit612  11.10.2012

I'd like to use one of these dingbats in a logo.

rewilkins8  06.03.2013
Karla: I would like to use the dingbats in my books. Could you email me at rewilkins9@msn.com to let me know how much for the professional use of the dingbats? Thanks!
joditib  01.10.2013
Love your work! Would really like to use a few pieces for a very small business identity. Please email me.
gmarksfl  10.11.2014
I too would be happy to pay to use your font in a book I am designing.
Please email me at ginger.marks@documeantdesigns.com
MONTHABOR  23.03.2016
Hi Karla,
I would like to use your font in a french book to prepare for weeding.
Can you please let me know the licensing fee?
nors  22.01.2021
Hi Karla,
I would like to use your font for a book cover. Is there a licensing fee? Please email me at norhapipah@yahoo.com.

Your response would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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