Wet Arial

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kumar1982  02.01.2012
synopsiss  02.01.2012
dommage elle me bloque tout (à éviter)
robinp1959  03.01.2012
I am so bummed, the file is invalid! Can someone correct it so we can have it, pretty pretty please?? THANK YOU!
PistoCasero  Autor von Wet Arial   03.01.2012
It is very heavy to load, I am sorry if it is causing you some problems. I'll release a new lighter version as soon as possible.
donnellya1  10.01.2012
I love this PistoCasero! It is just what I need but I am also having loading issues :( please post the lighter soon!
PistoCasero  Autor von Wet Arial   25.01.2012
Thanks a lot donnellya1! You can already download the LIGHT version
PistoCasero  Autor von Wet Arial   25.01.2012
If there is somebody interested in the BITMAP .jpg and VECTOR .eps versions of the font, you can get them here: http://www.gilbertomoya.es/wet-arial-font-by-pistocasero.html
maximusmaximus  10.03.2012
I love this font! keep up the good work!
PistoCasero  Autor von Wet Arial   12.03.2012
Thank you very much Maximus!
IXI_Prodigy-  03.09.2013
super cool, nice work
Bridgette1985  31.03.2015
What would you ask for a commercial license? I would love to use this on book covers!
flutter_girl  15.08.2015
This is beautiful. I would like to use it to create a flyer to recruit teen volunteers for a public library. City govennment level, no profit. The flyer may be electronically to our website. May I?
snobfamily  02.09.2016
I would love to use this font for my book cover. How do I download for commercial use? Thanks, Tania. snobfamily(at)comcast(dot)net

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