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Aramach  06.08.2019
Hi! How does one add the swirls like you have exhibited in the beginning and end of “Welcome”
Graphix Line Studio  Autor von Welcome   06.08.2019
To access your alternate character, just select one letter (exp: w). After you select it will definitely appear in the alternate character. Or activate the opentype feature on the top toolbar (view-opentype).
Hi! I attempted your directions above to use the font, and was also unable to add the swirls like shown above. Can you please explain further?
Hljrmai4  08.08.2019
it's not working for me either:(
babykomodo  08.08.2019
I figured it out. If you're using Adobe Illustrator:
1) Select the letter
2) Window > Type > Glyphs
3) Show: Alternates for Current
daniellemarie2202  09.08.2019
did anyone get this to work??
DeannaS861  14.08.2019
anybody able to tell me how to get this to work on design space?
naratee.tia  15.08.2019
How to get this swirls at the beginning and end in the app phonto?

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