Wash Your Hand

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ianchoi  27.06.2020
It is an awesome font!

Can I use this font for commercial use?
If not, please email me. (msu.choi.x@gmail.com)

Thank you! :)
kaisoor  03.09.2020
hello, can i use this for commercial?
Syayinggg  03.09.2020
Hello, can I use this font for commercial ?, please email me: sianying176@gmail.com
mabro  Autor von Wash Your Hand   16.09.2020
All: yes, you can use this font for commercial use
Catherine rua  06.01.2021
Can you email me your permission to use for commercial. Awesome font by the way. Catherine.business2020@outlook.com
Kimti  08.01.2021
Hi. is it 100% free? if that's the case. I would like to request permission to use this font as a book cover
Vita123  05.02.2021
Hi, can i use your font for commercial purpose like to use this font as a novel cover? Please email me lalalalah2102@gmail.com
Thank you
annidanrhm  17.02.2021
Hi Author, your font is very cute, I want to use this font for my assignment at university as a booklet cover?
I read your note about permission
thankyou about this font is free 100%
for personal use and commercial use
If not, please email me (annidanrhm@gmail.com)
have a nice day writer :)

-Sripsweet i'm comming hehe-

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