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Boricua1991  07.05.2020
Hello, I would like to use your font, please email me at TIA
tmackk7121  12.06.2020
Hello. What are the parameters to using your font? Please contact me at Thanks!
sarahnurutami  26.06.2020
hello. i would like to use your font for my banner. could you please email me at
danitza_bac  06.08.2020
Hi, I like your font.
Can I use it for commercial purpose?
Steven1997  22.09.2020
Hey man!

first of all respect for your work.
i wanted to use the font for my logo and would be happy if you write me by mail.

my email is:

best regards,

SandraDi  22.10.2020
Hi there! I love your font and would like to use it for commercial use. Could you please contact me at ? Thank you!

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