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mwangagoddess  09.06.2018
Hello, my name is Rae and I really love your font. I wanted to use it for commercial purposes. How would I go about contacting you in order to get written permission?
CraftyAl  09.11.2018
love love love the look of this font..
But it only gave me the punctuation etc... like no letters.
blonde moment on my part?? if so forgive me.. if not-- HELP
imagex  Autor von Vintage Warehouse   11.11.2018
Hi Rae,
Thanks for your compliments.
Please try capital letters.
JH Park  01.04.2019
I love this font!!
Thanks for your fantastic work!!
Can you permit for me to use it for a commercial purpose or buy it, please?
It is a great fit for one of my projects coming soon.
ravenwithacause  24.09.2019
want to use this for commercial purposes how can I go about contacting you in order to get a written permission?

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