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Veteran Typewriter

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AngelaB1978  10.09.2009
I was wondering if I can use this font commercially. I am a digital scrapbooking designer. I sell my products. Can you please e-mail me at Thanks
lovin dis itz wked
media15778  25.11.2009
hello i am a meida student wanting to know how or if im even aloud to get this front
media15778  25.11.2009
i wont cliam this as my own
Cpr.Sparhelt  Autor von Veteran Typewriter   25.11.2009
just download and use as you like, its free
Jengo  10.01.2013
Sad, accent are twisted; é is è and è is é
Cpr.Sparhelt  Autor von Veteran Typewriter   19.01.2013
Damn... thanks for informing me! I will surely correct it!
dionnemuncy  16.04.2014
I can't get onto your site and would like to know how much donation I would need to pay to use your font "Veteran Typewriter" within a tee screen graphic. (we sell apparel and this screen if chosen would be sold to the consumer)

Please advise.
Cpr.Sparhelt  Autor von Veteran Typewriter   21.04.2014
The amount is your decision!
nycshadla  21.02.2018
Great font. I'm using it on a prototype for a card game. My only critique is that the parentheses only curve one way so they can't be used correctly. Other than that, fantastic!
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
great font..thank you so much
lilymelb  13.05.2019
I have tried downloading but unfortunately none of the special characters (ã,á, ê, é, etc.) are in the file. Any chance it's something I'm doing wrong? Thanks so much!
samarmy06  05.10.2019
First, I would like to say what a awesome font. I am a Veteran and can appreciate the time and effort you took to create this font. I was wondering if I could use your font for a business LLC I am starting. I would make sure to give you recognition for your font. Thank you.
samarmy06  05.10.2019
I would also like to donate to you. Thanks

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