Transformers Movie

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Dragon200  13.11.2010
Creative, impressively real.
Chuck Norris  19.11.2010
Wow! Looks just like the real logo! Great job!
Babes.  17.12.2010
Transformmmerrss... ROBOTS in disguise. ;)
Brittany5  18.06.2011
Oh yes !
It's cool !
LappeaveN  16.02.2012
Thank you for sharing
33lim  24.02.2012
it written there "FREEWARE FONT for personal & professional use". Is this mean free for commercial use?
MisterFabulous  12.06.2012
FYI ...lots of stray points so if your using this in AI / 3D applications be prepared to do a lot of cleanup.
cfcg  25.07.2013
ahnas  02.08.2014
rianchochochiko  20.03.2018
great font..thank you so much
debond210  13.03.2019
Can this Transformers font be used to make shirts for selling just at a local craft fair? Not commercial, bulk, or online...
mrpink  21.10.2019
hey, looks awesome.. do you allow this to be used for some T-Shirt prints? email:
Thank you in advance :)

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