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Gyom Séguin  17.05.2008
Finally a new font from StereoType...It was worth the wait!!!
StereoType  Autor von Today   20.05.2008
Merci pour ton commentaire Gyom !
annaOMline  20.05.2008
Really good font, kind of retro but modern at the same time, well executed. Thanks a lot!
rushie25  21.05.2008
Jonathan Paquette  24.05.2008
Super belle qualité, comme d'habitude!
RYKEAY  26.05.2008
This is a very nice font! thankyouverymuch!
polenimschaufenster  02.06.2008
Hell yeah, this is really nice!
The kerning and some connections are still a little trashy, but still I love the whole feel of it!

more please!
07taylora  15.06.2008
Cool Love it lots !
teopark  19.06.2008
so cute
SoFonty  03.09.2008
Ohmygoshhh its cute
StreetLingaz  10.10.2008
This is a cool, cute font. :) I like it.
mdesbordes  15.10.2008
In all the examples I've seen of this font being used there are cool lines or slashes under the words... like the two under the word Today. How do I make these?
awmasry  05.11.2008
Very nice. I love it !!
ASluv2comment  30.04.2009
Oui, tres chic!
3LEment  26.02.2010
i have a totally other font when i download it not as on your picture?

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