The Only Exception

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Ant 15  02.09.2011
Beautiful. Absolutley beautiful :] keep making beautiful fonts.
blyy  28.10.2011
I love it! :D It's absolutley beautiful ;] :DDDDD You've right Ant 15 :]
Laura Grey  06.04.2012
I love this song and this font ♥
NikkiGirl8  21.08.2012
Thank you ;-)
yarisi  27.09.2012
Hello, Please, let me know if I can use the font for my new logo. My e-mail is Thanks!
Sonnet  03.03.2013
Thank you!
Gelöschter Benutzer 705955  20.07.2013
mhblueangel16  17.12.2013
hello! I really love this font! Great job! I am also making a logo and I was wondering if I have your permission to use it? amazing work! My email is :)

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