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Sweethearts Love Letters

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Jeannie.S  13.01.2015
How do I get the license for this font, in order to use versatile? please contact me to discuss further.
twosugarsonecream  06.06.2017
This font is labeled as 100% free but readme file says that you must purchase a commercial license. Please change to prevent misleading someone into using font incorrectly.
penelopelime  Autor von Sweethearts Love Letters   15.06.2017
@twosugarsonecream Thanks. Note taken Even at 100% free, people are still asked to follow license guidelines. There wouldn't be any issue with someone using it incorrectly if it's 100% free. I could see if it were the other way around. Worst case scenario, you would just make a donation if you are using it. It's really disheartening when someone can only complain so rudely about something they get for free. Your welcome :)
penelopelime  Autor von Sweethearts Love Letters   15.06.2017
Sorry to anyone reading my comment. I was only so aggravated because that user has had smug comments on several of my fonts.
hoshigirl  08.03.2019
So I am confused as well regarding the usage of this font. It is under 100% Free, but in the read me text of the download is says for person use only. Could you please clarify? I do not want to use this the wrong way. Thank you!
hoshigirl  08.03.2019
*Personal use only
JChiibs  24.09.2019
I really like this font but I'm frustrated by one thing: when 'art' is written, as in writing the Sweetheart part of this font, the r reverts to a character of a different font as if it has a missing ligature. Strangely it only affects the lower case, and only when the t is added. writing ar is fine, so is rt, but any time 'art' itself is written, inside a word or not, the r screws up. I also don't know why the euro sign seems to be the only one missing. I don't personally use it, but in my file where I check fonts I download it looks so glaringly wrong having it in the same wrong font as the art r.

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